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About Leadership Lodi

Past Graduates

Some of our alumni include:

  • Andrew Adams
  • Benjamin McDonald
  • Bradley Vander Hamm
  • Brett Diede
  • Carol Farron
  • Christa Steele
  • David Diskin
  • David Mack
  • David Main
  • Dennis Callahan
  • Dennis F. Haugan
  • Dennis W. Perak
  • Donna Shaw
  • Doug Gerard
  • Doug Kuehne
  • Eddie Aguirre
  • Eric Daegling
  • George Bradley
  • Gina Martens
  • Glen Barnes
  • Greg Adams
  • Gwen Van Steenberge
  • Jake McGregor
  • James Watt
  • Janelle Bechtold
  • Janet Hamilton
  • Jessica Ramirez
  • Jim DeMera
  • Joseph Hohenrider
  • JP Badel
  • Judith Kenney
  • Kari Maldonado
  • Kelly Higgs
  • Ken Gini
  • Kerry Suess
  • Kevin Suess
  • Madeline R. Haugan
  • Mark Wallace
  • Mary Ann Maggio
  • Monica Burkner
  • Nancy Beckman
  • Nancy Martinez
  • Nicole Goehring
  • Patrick Schumacher
  • Paul Haley
  • Paula Leary
  • Phil A. Felde
  • Philllip Pennino
  • Rebecca Olvera
  • Richard Hanner
  • Ron Kreutner
  • Ron Mettler
  • Rosa Harnack
  • Rose Lazzaro
  • Sabrina Schneweis-Coe
  • Sheri Aguilar
  • Susan Klusman
  • Terry Goldberg
  • Ting Faber
  • Tom McCauley
  • Tracy Williams
  • Vicki Jenkins

Leadership Lodi, formed in 1990, inspires and motivates individuals in our community to achieve higher levels of leadership. 

This is accomplished through ten all-day meetings (the second Tuesday of each month from February through November) that combine lectures, panels, and  interviews with local leaders, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, tours of local organizations, and more.

Each graduating class has between ten to twenty participants who represent our local employers’ mid- and high-level management, business owners, political up-and-comers, non-profit groups, service club leaders, and government officials.

Each day focuses on a specific aspect of Lodi, meeting people and touring places that show just how unique Lodi is, including:

  • Government Day: Meeting the Mayor of Lodi, City Manager, and many department heads at City Hall including public works, the City Clerk, planning, and more
  • Education Day: You'll tour a Lodi Unified high school with the principal, meet with employees from the school district, have lunch with executives of Delta College, and tour University of the Pacific
  • Non-Profit Day: We'll arrange meetings and tours with local not-for-profits in Lodi including Lodi House, LOEL Center and Gardens, Salvation Army, and the Women's Center of San Joaquin
  • Agriculture Day: Get on the field with Brad Lange, Larry Mettler, John Ledbetter, and other leaders from Lodi's growing ag businesses.
  • Other Days: Health and Fire Safety Day, Criminal Justice Day, Dynamics Day, Economic Development and Tourism Day, and Media, Arts, Recreation Day.

The year-long program provides participants with an opportunity to learn from current leaders about the complexities of the city from a variety of angles.

Each year the graduating class creates a project that benefits the community, including fundraising and manual labor, to foster their leadership skills and build teamwork.

Past Graduates

Below is a partial list of individuals that have been through the annual program.

Phil Felde Tom McCauley Phil Pennino Joe Harrington
Tracy Williams Nancy Beckman Judy Kenney Rosa Harnack
Carol Farron Eric Daegling Gina Martins Kelly Higgs
Glen Barnes Ting Faber Paul Haley Benjamin McDonald
David Diskin JP Badel David Main Jim DeMera
Dave Smith Vicki Jenkins Terry Goldberg Mary Ann Maggio
Doug Gerard Denny Perak Ken Gini Kathy Wetmore
Kerry Suess Nancy Martinez James Watt Janelle Bechtold

These are but a few of the 250+ graduates who now chair non-profit boards, or have leadership roles in the community let alone their business.  Someone in these people's organization believed these individuals were worth investing in. 

Does a participant personally grow in Leadership Lodi?  Without a doubt, we can guarantee we will return to you a person who has gained insights into themselves, have a greater appreciation of what it takes to be successful and more effective as a team member, a new perspective of how they and the organization they represent fit into this community, and a deeper knowledge of the community in which they serve.

Apply today.