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Class of 2007

Class Roster

  • Claudia Reed
    Delta Radiology Medical Group
  • Debbie Monteon
    Service First Bank
  • Jake McGregor
    One-Eighty Teen Center
  • James Russell
    Lodi Memorial Hospital
  • Jeff Goettl
    General Mills Inc.
  • Judi Simon
    Lodi Memorial Hospital
  • Lola Herrera
    Insurance Agent
  • Mark Sey
    Lodi Memorial Hospital
  • Pete Gibson
    Frontiers Community Builders
  • Rebecca Areida
    City of Lodi
  • Shelly Mason
    Lodi Memorial Hospital
  • Stephanie Allen
    City of Lodi, Public Library
  • Wayne Folmer
    Farmers & Merchants Bank

Leadership Lodi goes to the Dogs!

Leadership Lodi goes to the DogsThe AFCHS, like so many non-profit organizations, struggles with facilities that are inadequate. As of now, there is insufficient on-site housing for dogs. Dogs without foster homes are housed outside, with little or no protection from the elements. Also, AFCHS staff share offices with the Cat Sanctuary. It is our hope to partner with AFCHS to solve these two problems and to help them further their mission.

We have set a fundraising goal of $25,000 for this project. That’s an attainable goal, but we can’t do it alone. The 2007 Leadership Lodi team will need your help. We are looking for sponsors and volunteers. Please consider partnering with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Lodi, and the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society. Together we can improve the lives of animals awaiting adoption and the lives of those in their future homes!

Help the project and download our flyer and spreading the word, or complete the form on the flyer and mail it in with a donation.

Need more information?  Contact the Animal Friends Connection Humane Society at 209-365-0535, or the Lodi Chamber at 209-367-7840.

Class Participant Resources

Information about your class project can be posted here.

Anything you would like to share with the group, please email to David.

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